Linking influencers with paid content.

Get paid to work with brands and promote content.

Welcome to InstaAgents.

The Instagram influencer market is more competitive than ever before…

And also more lucrative.

As a successful brand promoter on Instagram, you can receive products to try totally free, and even make big bucks while you do it.

Sound like a dream?

It can be with InstaAgents.

We build relationships with brands who want to get their product and content out there to your audience. 

We then reach out to influencers who want to receive top-quality content and free products. As a bonus – they often get paid to publish it.

You get new products and paid content; brands benefit from your exposure. You know the drill.

Why sign up with us? We take the hard work of approaching brands off your hands. You no longer have to spend time writing email pitches to get products – in fact, we pitch them to you.

The catch? There isn’t one.

Sign up today to be a paid brand promoter of products you and your audience will love.


We broker content.


1. Your Brand
Give us the low-down on your brand, niche, and theme. What kind of content do you want to promote?

2. Frequency
How much content could we send you per month?

3. Joining the Dots
When we receive products or content perfect for you, we’ll be sure to let you know!

4. Approval
If you love the content, you can have it. Simple.

5. Post & Publish
Publish content and let us know when it’s live.

6. Get Paid!

You’ll be paid within 48 hours. It’s as easy as that.

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